How to add reEmbed to your Webnode website


We are happy to announce that reEmbed is fully compatible with Webnode. You'll be able to quickly enable reEmbed on your Webnode website.

Step 1: Login to Webnode and start editing your website

Step 2: Navigate to a page with an embedded video from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or Facebook

Step 3: Navigate to Pages located in the header.

Step 4: Once you've opened Pages, locate a page where your video is embedded. In our case, it's Our services.

Step 5: Navigate to SEO page settings and insert the code under Custom HTML header code generated by reEmbed on: and click Close

That's it! Now you have enabled reEmbed on your Webnode website. If you'd like to enable reEmbed across your entire website, then you'll have to go over the same process for all your pages.

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