Understanding the dashboard


The dashboard provides a summary of all data.  It provides aggregate counts regarding video impressions, plays, completes, and shares.  In addition, you can see your top videos, newest videos, top referring sites, and newest referring sites.



#1 Aggregate totals for the selected time period (Default is last 30 days)

#2 Plot of the totals for each day (Clicking on a point will give you stats for that day)

#3 Additional stats for the time period

#4 Plots of new videos per day and new referring sites that have embedded your player

#5 Top 5 Videos and Top 5 Referrers (sorted by video impressions)

#6 The 5 Latest Videos and 5 Latest Referrers

#7 The number of users watching videos now, and the number of videos being watched (realtime)

#8 Todays aggregate totals (realtime)

#9 Videos as they are loaded on your site (click on the play icon to take you to the page)

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