Glossary and definitions


reEmbed tracks a variety of statistics.  Here is a list of the terms and their meanings.


impression:  the video appeared on a page.  If the video loads and stays on the start screen, a video impression is counted

play: the video started playing either by the user clicking on it or having autoplay enabled

complete: the end of the video was reached either by the user watching the entire video or by skipping around and watching the end of the video

play-rate: the percentage of videos that started playing out of the total impressions
(total plays / total impressions * 100)

complete-rate: the percentage of videos that were completed out of the total plays
(total completes / total plays * 100)

playtime: the total time spent watching videos on your site (expressed as HH:MM:SS)

referrer: a site which your video player appears on (subdomains are counted separately)

live stream: video impressions in real time

viewer interest: percentage of users for each second of the video



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