Multiple players on your site


If you have created more than one player, the reEmbed script will need to know which player to use. Player Rules allow you to define URL paths for each player to appear on.

For example, your site has a category "Sports" and a category "Tech", and you've created a separate player for each category.  Assuming your site uses the following URL structure:


You can add the following rules to assign the correct player to each category

Sports player => /sports/ 
Tech player => /tech/

The reEmbed script will try to match a rule to the URL of the current page, and if it matches a rule, it will use the corresponding player.

In the case that no rules are matched, your default player will be used.

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    Seyong Cho


    Is there a workaround for single-page web-application that doesn't separate categories by the URL naming?

    For example, if I want to separate the player style in same URL, is there a javascript alternative to select non-default players?

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    Dimitrios Elissaios

    Hi Seyong,
    unfortunately at the moment the players are limited to the url.
    Does your url change using the hashbang (#)?
    Can you send us a link to your site at

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    What about creating multiple players in an account to run on multiple different sites? I run several blogs I want to brand.

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    Dimitrios Elissaios

    Hi Blessusall,

    you can use exactly the same technique for different sites.
    In the rule, just write the site's domain.

    For player 1:
    For player 2:

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