Video analytics overview


reEmbed provides a variety of analytics in real time, allowing you to have a complete understanding on the performance of all videos across your site.  In total, there are four sections of data that you can use to drill-down.  By default, you can see aggregate data for the last 30 days.  You may change the date range by clicking on the calendar icon at the top, or by clicking on a specific date in the main data graph.



impression:  the video appeared on a page.  If the video loads and stays on the start screen, a video impression is counted

play: the video started playing either by the user clicking on it or having autoplay enabled

complete: the end of the video was reached either by the user watching the entire video or by skipping around and watching the end of the video



The dashboard provides a summary of all data.  It provides aggregate counts regarding video impressions, plays, completes, and shares.  In addition, you can see your top videos, newest videos, top referring sites, and newest referring sites.

The realtime view provides you with detailed information regarding all of your videos that are currently being played.  This information includes the number of people watching each video and which part of the video is the user currently watching.

The videos view groups data by video, allowing you to see and sort your best/worst performing videos.

The referrers view groups data by domain.  This allows you to see which other sites have embedded your videos, and how well they are performing on those sites.


For more detailed information, please visit the Dashboard Documentation

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