Creating your first player


You may create your custom video player before you sign up.  Click on the following link to get started:


Pick your player's style

In the wizard, below the player there is a button Change player style which when clicked, toggles a modal box with the available player skins and you can then choose one of those skins for your player.



Select one from the six available styles.  The styles shown here represent the player's layout (icons and positioning) only.  You will be able to change the colors.


Add your logo (optional)


If you want to add your site's logo to your player, click on the arrow icon on the left side of the wizard.  This will prompt you to select an image file from your computer to upload.  Keep in mind that the maximum file size that you can upload is 40KB, and can be of type .jpg, .png, or .gif.


Position your logo


Once you have successfully uploaded your logo, you can position it on your player.

- You can make your logo clickable by typing a URL in the Logo Link text field.

- Use the Logo position buttons to place your logo on the left or right side of the player.

- Adjust the size of your logo using the Logo scale slider (0%-100% of the original size).

- Adjust the logo margins using the Margin top and Margin left sliders (units are in pixels).


Set your colors


You may edit a player color by clicking on each colored circle beneath a property name.  This opens a color picker, allowing you to pick the color you want.  

*Extra color is only used on limited player styles to control properties such as the button background or the text color.


You may either select your color by clicking on the color palette or by editing the HEX field.


Finally, you may add padding to the top of your player using the Player padding top slider. This is useful if you don't want your logo to be over the video.


Save your player

Once you are happy with your player, click on the Save player button.  That was it! You have successfully created your first player.

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